Saturday 17 December 2011

Harry Potter

Last weekend my daughter took me out for my belated birthday pressie. We had yum cha in Chinatown, Sydney; then to the Powerhouse Museum for the Harry Potter Exhibition....

The only thing I was disappointed with was 'no photographs' rule. I took this one when we were lining was huge!! It is a must see for all the die hard Harry Potters fans like myself and my daughter Taz. We made the mandrakes scream, sat in Hagrids chair, patted Buckbeak. We saw Dobey and Kreacher close up, the dementors, some lucky kids met the sorting hat who sorted them into the various houses of hogwarts. We hurried by the foggy station where the Hogwarts express was waiting to leave. We chose the audio tour and listened to the costume designer give her reasons for choosing the fabrics and colours for each character,or the producer and the reasoning why Scotland was first choice for Hogwarts. Even Mr Weasleys flying car was there ...

I had a great day and left the exhibition with a few of Bertie Botts Every Flavour beans, which made a good laugh. Flavours included rotten eggs, earthworm, boogers, earwax and vomit ( no vomits in our packet) ...we tasted them all and the rotten eggs flavoured beans made my daughter almost hurl lol.... There were some nice flavoured beans too blueberry, tutti frutti etc...I also picked up a chocolate frog with a wizard wizard was dumbledore ... And  a film cell; a bookmark too ....

Ahhhhh to spend the afternoon in the imagination of another, thank you JK Rowling.......

Chookyblues Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Its arrived!!!!! Last day before I go on holidays!!! Was sooo worried it wouldnt arrived before we left. What a wonderful surprise!!! You can tell Im excited. This was my first Christmas Swap and Ill definately be in it again next year. Here's my gorgeous christmas decoration I received. The picture doesnt show the intricate stitching. I would like to thank my secret partner for her beautiful work. Also with my pressies I also received a lovely drawstring bag with truffles.

I have to be very strong!!! As waiting has never been my forte. Ill show everyone what I received when I open the pressies and card christmas morning!!! Check out Chookyblues site for pics of all the decorations received so far and the final presents from the swap after chrissy. I will post mine Christmas Day on my blog, so I can thank my wonderful swap partner!!!!

Merry Christmas
Deb xo

Thursday 8 December 2011

Im soo lucky...

In the last three issues of "Creating Country Threads" Ive made the front cover!! Tis an exciting experience to see your projects in a major magazine.

This issue is my folk art bag 'Bye Bye Birdie'. I have a few others drafted in the pile of things to completed.... I have a few more projects scheduled for the magazine next year as well yay!

My main priority is to complete the new patterns for release late Jan/ early Feb. With only one toddler at home in the day time, my focus will be on trying to get to the Darling Harbour Quilt Fair in June...fingers crossed!!!

Make it Perfect

Dont you just love Toni Cowards kids patterns. I was the lucky winner of her two latest patterns...Soo excited...cant wait to make the sunhats for the kids....thank you Toni for the giveaway!!!!

Here is a book I just had to buy " Bag Making Bible". I have seen it on a few blogs and must admit theres is always room for improvement when making bags. Tis a must have for bag making, gives lots of technical info.. I bought it from the 'Book Depository'. I love this site as there is NO POSTAGE COSTS. I have found heaps of quilting books at really good prices.

Ive also given you all a peek at what Ive been working on this last week. Christmas sewing will resume as soon as I finish the first block of a new design for Frog Cottage to be released January ... love the colours..choo choo!!!!!!

back to sewing
Deb :)

Friday 2 December 2011

Celebrate the Season

Its that time of year!!! Time to 'Celebrate the Season' and I AM!!!!

This quilt has been in the works for almost two years....very sad!!! as soon as I pieced it together this morning, my DS helped me take some pics. Now its just needs its inner and outer borders (after lunch) and thirteen random placed stars... I am even thinking of sending this quilt off to the quilters to be basted and quilted to ENSURE its finished for Christmas...

A lot of my close friends will be cheering on this one. Especially Shelley who did all the buttonhole stitching to help it move along....We agreed to share the quilt. One year it will hang in her house and my house the alternate year.. Better get back to it ...wish me luck!!!! I can almost cross another quilt of my UFOs...

Thursday 1 December 2011

Back to my addiction

Yay finally back to my hexagons...ohh how I have missed you!!!!I am on my last row...but may add more as I would love a big quilt, shall see how it looks when the last row is on

Heres the last row, section two almost finished...have to do some housework today but when the cherubs go down for their afternoon out fingers its sewing time!!!

Cant wait for this quilt to be finished, as I have a huge pile of reproduction fabrics waiting for another paper pieced quilt. Khrissy and I will be attending Kerry Swains 'Girls Day Out' in Nundle, March 2012. Guest tutor is Sue Daley!!!! EXCITED!!!! Might have to wait till then to start a new quilt.......hmmmm.......

Tuesday 29 November 2011

A little planting

We have finally planted the vegie garden. Its a large garden and now we are ready for late summer/autumn. We planted corn, tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce, beans, capsicum, cucumber, herbs and zuccs...

We already have spinach, rhubarb, carrots, chinese veg and berries growing.

Lots of additional hands helped but this little one said 'she needed a rest'. Next year she will be off to big school with her big brother ... Shes excited!!!!

On the way home from sewing yesterday I NEEDED to go to the 'Home Patch' to pick up Block 4 of In My Garden BOM and since my kit for the Noelle Table Topper wasnt ready I found this kit instead to keep me busy ( add to my work in progress pile lol).

We have already been on a tractor ride this morning. Im about to make the little ones some lunch then its onto my hexagon addiction today... Poor hexagons have been neglected the last few months.

Happy Stitching

Sunday 27 November 2011

More hexagons received

I love receiving my hexagons once a month. This month I received my hexis from the lovely Jane who organises the Inchy Hexagon Swap. Check out the lovely 1930s charms squares too ...spoilt!!
I have received eight hexagons soo far and will start a garden for them soon. Not sure if I will set them with a white background or sew them together like the vignette hexagon quilt...decisions!!! My hexagons this month are headed to Oklaholma USA. Hope my partner likes them. She wanted fussy cuts and stripes...

 Now I have completed all my Chrissy swaps and quilts for grandsons, I will now concentrate on some UFOs. Today I will prepare my Chook Shed Christmas Cards quilt. I will organise the blocks, wadding and backing so I can piece and baste the quilt tomorrow at my weekly sewing day ..Yay!! The yay is that cause I love my sewing days and the that I will be able to cross this quilt of my to do list. It has been waiting for a year or two to be complete ....ahhh the life of a quilter!!!
Happy Stitching

Deb :)

Saturday 26 November 2011

Take a peek...

Since I have been busy sewing my little heart out on Chrissy Swaps, I thought I would show you some lovely pics of my two grandsons...Joshua 2 is the proud owner of the Noahs Ark Quilt I finished in Aug this year and Lachlan loves his Anni Downs " A boys story" cot quilt.

Lachlan is 4 months old in a few days! The time has flown. Im a lucky Nanna as I will be spending Christmas with them this year...sooo excited!!!

Aww Lachlan is smiling as he knows his mummy is about to ring Nanna on Skype...Must admit Skype has made the distance easier with these gorgeous boys... I keep telling their mummy she should move to the country.....

Im working on the last item of my second chrissy swap today...then I will start a new project overdue one for frog cottage designs...designing with my grandsons in mind.

Happy Stitching this weekend :)

Monday 21 November 2011


I picked up my new BOM from the 'the Home Patch'. I used my birthday voucher to purchase the first three months... I only started needleturn a few weeks again and I love it!!! I didnt at first but now I have the hang of it...

I think I need a new camera!!! I took a pic of the BOM outside and this inside pic was much clearer...still doesnt do the colours justice.... Im going to be very strong and not start this BOM till next year....ok, maybe after the Secret Santa Swap...even if I prepare the blocks...thats not naughty is it?????

Deb :)

Sunday 20 November 2011

Heres a sneak peek

I posted off my new grandson Williams quilt so heres a sneak peek until it arrives at its destination, hopefully Monday afternoon....I surprised myself, this quilt was finished before the baby arrived!!!! AND only took me just over a week to complete...another FIRST!!!

Im busy working on my SSCS to post off tomorrow...again no pics....SECRET lol

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Thursday 17 November 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Ive been busy the last few days trying to finish my robot quilt for the new grandson. I finished the quilting, binding AND the label so technically IM FINISHED!!!!

We have had a fair bit of rain today so I will take a pic of the completed quilt in the morning. It will be in the morning post on its way to the Central Coast where my hubby is awaiting grandson no 4....hopefully born by the weekend.

I have also been madly making stocking stuffers and finishing off my christmas swaps due to be posted in the next few days... I love this phone pouch, I bought a fabric pack at the home patch. The pattern is in Annis 'In the life of a bag' book. Ok I may have bought a few fabric packs... but hey 'tis christmas time'

There will be no sewing tonight as I need to finish an assignment. I only have 4 more to do over the next 3 months and Ive finished!!! Yay!!! Im enrolled in 'Professional Childrens Writing' course with Cengage Education. For me its been easy as I can read my PDF textbooks on my E Reader (which I carry everywhere) and upload assignments all from my sewing room :)

Time to take off the sewing hat and put on the writing hat...

Happy Stitching

Monday 14 November 2011

Another Front Cover Yay

Two months in a row my designs have made the front cover of Creating Country Threads. this month its my Raggy Pin Keeper.

One of my first raggy dolly designs .... check out page 44 !

This week I also received two lovely hexagons in the Inchy Hexagon Swap from Maggie who lives in Indiana US. Maggie included a lovely fat quarter and a beautiful photo taken from her kitchen jealous!!!

I also received my Cookies and Cream Scissor Keeper Swap pressie from Kat in the US...Ladybirds are the rage in the US at the moment... Thanks Kat for the lovely pressie...I love the ladybird charm on my new scissors.....Dont you just love swaps!!!!!

As for my sewing progress, I finished the nine appliqued robot blocks for my "born any day now" grandson last night...I will post pics in a few days when Ive done the sashing and borders. I also sneaked a few more needle punch chrissy decorations today, loving this new addiction. I have completed 15 more hexagons, 5 more to go to add another row to my vingette hexagon quilt... Ive decided I need more time to stitch...if you have any please send it my way...hehehe
Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Sunday 13 November 2011

Chookyblue's bloggers lunch in Bathurst

Wow what a wonderful day yesterday!!!! Khrissy and I attended a needle punch class with Anni Downs at the Home Patch store, in Bathurst.

I think we have found a new addiction (I stole this pic from Kates blog...Im sure I will get an email lol). We made some gorgeous designs, getting ready for Christmas!! AND of course we had to buy all the tools to keep us going....Anni also gave me a quick lesson on needleturn applique, thank you. I am loving this method!!!

Not long after the session started, our lunch dates arrived for a shopping spree in the store, there was a lot of show and tell and giggles. Poor Margaret was run off her feet. Then it was time for lunch with Kate , Chookyblue, Anita, Sandy, Alison (no blog) and Khrissy at Crepes Royale. Check out these ladies blogs, they are a great read!!

We had a fabulous afternoon talking, laughing, eating and drinking. Was soo lovely to meet everyone .....thank you Chooky for organising a fabulous afternoon...... bring on the next one !!!!!!

Sunday 6 November 2011

Have to show you .....

I have the final pics of the Cookies n Cream Scissor Keeper Swap... I had two partners and the same items were miles apart in colour...

this one was for Sandy who LOVES bright colours.....

and this one is more traditional for Kat in Oklahoma US.....Enjoy Ladies!!!!

I have a new grandson due later this month YAY. So Im making another Anni Downs 'A boys story' cot quilt. I have decided to make the 'robot' block in nine different colourways....Here are the blocks so far....Im averaging a block a day so hopefully I will finish the quilt by next weekend.

On Friday I went to Hatched and Patched to spend my Birthday Gift Voucher and signed up for another BOM ( it paid for 4 months YAY). I have decided to keep a Work in progress log, to keep me on track. This is what I have soo far...

Vignette Hexagon quilt - Leanne Bealsey
I am lagging behind on my 'Vignette' hexagon quilt and have only sewn 7 flowers in the last month. Only two more rows to go thou :) Two rows = 40 flowers lol
I blame both my grandsons 'Lachlan' born Aug and 'unnamed' due end of this month :)

Pies and Tarts- Sue Daley
My pies and tarts are up to date, only two more months to go. Need to applique the pies to the backgrounds thou, hmmm have about 80 + to do there :)

Love Letters FQ shop
Received the first block this week. This should be an easy BOM to keep up to date as its all machine piecing.

In my Garden- Anni Downs
Signed up for this BOM this week with my birthday gift voucher. Will be able to pick up the first three blocks next week!! Love the needleturn applique...

French General Wives FQ shop- starts Jan 12

Gypsy Garden- Sue Daley
Receiving monthly but on hold till 'Girls Day Out' Weekend at Nundle, March 12.

Frog Cottage - New Designs
Have two kids and one general quilt in the design stages. Will post a few pics in the coming weeks :)

Wow, when its all in print, there is a lot to do...I hope you kids are listening !!! lol. Im hanging for next year when I will only have one out of five at home in the day time!!! Psst thats my reasoning for the new BOM sign ups lol.

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Thursday 27 October 2011

Front Page

Excited!!! I made the front cover of this months Creating Country Threads. Teacup Teddies is on page 54.

I drafted this pattern whilst on the phone to my mum on one of our LONG phone calls...shhhhh dont tell her *smile*

Everyone loves a teddy bear!!! Today Im posting off my "Scissor Keeper" swap pressie to the US. Keep an eye out for the postman Kat..I love swaps, Im making some lovely stitching friends all over the world.

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Wednesday 26 October 2011

cookies and cream scissor keeper swap

Ohh its been busy here! Ive been to Sydney and back visiting my daughter and her cherubs. Holly and myself have had birthdays, Ive sent two more hexagons to the UK this time, but forgot to take a piccy!!!.
When I returned home from Sydney, there was a nice surprise waiting for me. Sandy from Cookies and Cream had posted  my 'scissor keeper' from her the Cookies and Cream Scissor Keeper Swap. I received a gorgeous needlecase and pin cushion/scissor keeper ( colours didnt show up too well, sorry). I also got a card wishing me Happy Birthday ** a nice surprise**. I have two partners in this swap, so hoping to post mine on Thursday!!

Holly, Miss 3, asked for a Coraline doll for her birthday!!  She loves the movie Coraline and watches it every second day ** insert eye rolling here**... I thought I would try and buy something close to the doll, before I decided to make one. I was happily surprised to find 'Monster High' dolls. I decided on the frankenstein doll, as she had fabric button eyes and light blue/black hair. Coraline has button eyes and dark blue hair so I was close. Holly loved her Coraline dolly !!!! Happy Birthday Miss 3.

Frog Cottage Designs News: The Love to Sew needlebook pattern and kit are now available for sale on the website. The pattern is $14.50 and the kit, available in red or blue is $35. All prices include postage.

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Sunday 16 October 2011

Spring Swap

In September I participated in Clares Craftroom Spring Swap. Unfortunately Aust Post took over 2.5 weeks to post my parcel from South Coast NSW to Melbourne **insert eye rolling here**. Yay Sarah's bag finally arrived ** big grin**!!!!. We both enjoyed the swap immensely and we each made a new sewing friend.

Sarah runs a busy handmade business. Her gorgeous handmade kids clothes can be found on her facebook page or her made it store.  You wont be disappointed!!

This month I am busily making scissor keepers for my Oct swap with cookies n cream craft.  Heres a sneek peek of the fabrics Im using...two fabrics, two items.

Will post the completed items after my partners have received their keepers. I am madly making kits for the new 'Love to Sew' needlebook pattern released this month. You can find the pattern and kits here. Kits available in red or blue.
Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Wednesday 28 September 2011

My sad hexagons :(

I have had this pic ready to post for I am back to my addictions ( hexis and pies n tarts) I thought I would share this pic.This is what happens when you leave your hexagons unattended so please keep them locked up!!!

I couldnt find my craft 'lap' table and did a thorough search of the house. Nothing! So I decided to search outside in the moonlight, and I found the centre hexis all over the cubby house floor and these poor hexis floating in the dog bowl. My little piglets only said mummy sewing was OUTSIDE! Thank goodness I still have fresh petals and centres rearing to go...

My other addiction I should show, is my pies and tarts BOM. I am currently making Month six pies. I am as yet to sew them onto their background squares. I promise its on the to do list !!! I think I have over 120 made so far.

I was happy to be part of the 'Spring Swap' with Clares Craftroom
SPOILER ALERT...Sarah T Handmade please do not look any further or it will spoil your surprise!!!!!!!!!!!! A cute spring handbag with one of my raggy angels!!

We are still away on holidays in gorgeous Bulli NSW. The family is having a wonderful time even when the weather hasnt been so 'spring like'.

This is the beautiful view we see each morning. I guess its hard to imagine going back home in a few days....

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Tuesday 27 September 2011

September Hexagons are on their way

My September hexagons will be on their way this morning, as well as my spring swap with Clares Craftroom ( will post pics in a few days). Im wide awake at I thought a good time to catch up on my blog! My hexagons this month are on their way to Alberta in Georgia USA. I hope she enjoys them.You can check out all the wonderful hexagons on the blog.

I have also finished my new grandson Lachlans new quilt. Im eagerly awaiting a visit this week from my daughter so I can give it to her. This also means I can get back to my vignette hexagon quilt which has been on hold this past month, yay!!!

We are currently on holidays in Bulli NSW which is only an hour away from her to travel. We had two days of rain and scattered sun but yesterday was gorgeous!! The kids were all beached out fell asleep at 8pm, even the big ones. Its time for another coffee....
Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Thursday 22 September 2011

'Love to Sew' needlecase

I have a new pattern to be released mid October. The 'love to sew' needlecase. Kits will be available in blue or red!. The release will be timed with the next issue of 'Creating Country Threads' where my pattern 'teacup teddies' will be featured as a project.

If you would like to reserve a kit or pattern, please dont hesitate to contact me,

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Saturday 17 September 2011

Clares Craftroom Spring Swap!

Here is the materials I will be using in  "Spring Swap". The idea is to make something lovely and Springy for your partner. It would ideally fit into a A5 envelope. Im about to cut this lovely material and spend the afternoon getting started on my partners spring gift.
Check out Clares blog or facebook page
I will blog the completed item once my partner has received excited!!! Hope she loves it!!!

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Saturday 10 September 2011

Applique finished!!

I have now finished the applique blocks for Lachlan's quilt ( grandson).

I will cut out the sashing tomorrow and hopefully have the quilt sewn together, ready to quilt next week...

Once its finished, I have a few swaps and my hexagon addiction to get back too!!
Happy Stitching
Deb :)